AI Events 2021
AI Events 2021


Artificial Intelligence on Intel® Platforms using Intel® oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit & OpenVINO Workshop

Artificial Intelligence on Intel® Platforms
using Intel® oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit & OpenVINO
Online Workshop - June 15th, 2021

During this one day online workshop recording, you will learn actionable knowledge about how to get started with Artificial Intelligence, including classical Machine Learning as well as Deep Learning. The sessions are presented by senior AI software engineers from Intel and experts from the industry who will introduce you to the tools and practices needed to get the highest performance in AI training and inference on Intel processor based systems.

Workshop Slides & Recordings

Introduction: Hardware acceleration for AI and Intel® oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit (Slides / Recording 27 min.)
by Dr. Séverine Habert
In this session, we will first introduce the hardware features that are powering AI on Intel, we will then get a first glance at the software stack harnessing them, namely the Intel® oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit.

How to accelerate Classical Machine Learning on Intel Architecture (Slides / Recording 52 min.)
by Roy Allela
In this session, we will cover the Intel-optimized libraries for Machine Learning. Python* is currently ranked as the most popular programming language and is widely used in Data Science and Machine Learning. We will begin by covering the Intel® Distribution for Python and its optimizations. We will then cover the optimizations for ML Python packages such as Modin, Intel® Extension for Scikit-learn and XGBoost. The presentations will be accompanied with demos to showcase the performance speedup

Optimize Deep Learning on Intel – Same code just faster! (Slides / Recording 60 min.)
by Shailen Sobhee
In this session, we present to you what is behind the scenes of Deep Learning with the highly-optimized Intel® oneDNN library in order to get the best-in-class performance on Intel hardware. We then show you Intel® oneDNN in action in DL frameworks such as the Intel-optimized TensorFlow, Intel-optimized PyTorch and the Intel® Extension for PyTorch (IPEX).

Customer presentation by TNG Technology Consulting (Recording 36 min.)
by Martin Foertsch, Thomas Endres and Jonas Mayer

Easily speed up Deep Learning inference – Write once deploy anywhere! (Slides / Recording 38 min.)
by Dr. Séverine Habert
In this session, we will showcase the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit that allows you to optimize for high-performance inference models that you trained with TensorFlow* or with PyTorch*. We will demonstrate how to use it to write once and deploy on multiple Intel hardware.

Customer presentation by Wahtari (Slides / Recording 33 min.)
by Sebastian Borchers

Build the best models with SigOpt (Recording 25 min.)
by Tobias Andreasen
SigOpt is a model development platform that makes it easy to track runs, visualize training, and scale hyperparameter optimization for any type of model built with any library on any infrastructure.

Distributed Training (Slides / Recording 61 min.)
by Shailen Sobhee
In this session, we first present to you the benefits and reasons of distributing (also known as scaling out) an AI workload on more than one compute node. We show you how this is done and what are the caveats you need to pay attention to maintain scaling performance and model accuracy.